toast to a good life

Flore-Yanha Thervil

“Everyone has their own definition of living a good life because there is no such thing as a life better than yours. However one has two choices, either lay back as a spectator and watch life pass by or take control and write the damn script. I only have one life to live, through the good and the bad why not make the most out of it?”

Flore-Yanha Thervil, is a twenty something year-old blogger redefining her own definition of Toast To a Good Life, by reporting on the things that fascinate her in life. 


When she’s not writing articles on her style recap  and travel destinations, she vlogs on her Youtube channel about the things she’s too lazy to write about. Toast To A Good Life is the foundation of a lifestyle to a forth-coming fashion empire that has been a dream of hers for a very long time.