Tiffany Lohier Gaetjens


Meet Tiffany Lohier Gaetjens, she is 21 years old and aspires to be a journalist one day. Tiffany’s parents are Haitians. She was raised in Haiti until the age of 12. Although she was not born there, Tiffany still considers herself Haitian because she does not relate to any other culture; she speaks, reads, and writes Haitian Creole. The young girl still has family in the country, has all the Haitian mannerism, and goes back at least twice a year.

Tiffany's always been passionate about Haiti and writing. With the support of her friends and family, she was courageous enough to start a blog called “My Haiti, My Vision” : Haiti through her eyes.


The subjects of her articles vary from Art to Music, to History and so on. Tiffany posts short articles every first of the month and longer ones every 15th of the month. She also makes a weekly news segment called “Te’m Ba’w On Nouvel” which means “Let Me Give You Some News” in Creole. The blog is mostly in English, however, some of the readers were not very comfortable in that language and kindly asked if she was able to write in French or Creole. Writing in many languages requires a lot of work but she searched for a way to accommodate all her readers, hence why she started making Youtube Videos in Creole which recently became podcasts on Soundcloud.


Anytime one promotes a place, he or she becomes an ambassador of that place. Therefore, Tiffany considers herself an ambassador for Haiti. Her world revolves around this country, her choice of career is due to the weekly news segment she started doing. She loves doing the research, giving people information, and having a voice. Furthermore, the blog is about promoting the positive sides of the country without ignoring the negative parts. Her main goal is to share her love for Haiti with people who feel the same way, people who’ve never been to Haiti, people who are afraid to go, and people who once loved it.