Saskya Ann-Grace Altieri is a nineteen-year-old Haitian-American who is in her second year of college, majoring in English.


Saskya has always been passionate about reading and writing. In her Junior year of high school, she realised she wanted to be a writer. Although, she was not open to sharing with others her passion. Not until recently.


During the Summer of 2018, she decided to start her blog “La SAGA”, which is French for “The Story”. Saskya started a blog so she could grow in her writing while being able to tell her readers about topics concerning life, entertainment, and many of the world events occurring around her... Saskya wants her blog to be one big story.

A story from her perspective considering S.A.G.A are her initials.


Aside from growing in her writing, Saskya wants her readers to learn from her as she will learn from them.