Tim Tim? Bwa sèch!

Tim Tim! Bwa sèch! When the sun kissed my last Caribbean twilight I wrote my goodbyes in cursive on the soles of my favorite boots Thus my journey began As the first stars peered through the night sky, the tide rose and the winds yawned awake Sails drawn, oars at the ready, le voyageur ready for my promised shores Anacaona saw me off as she tied her last brace to heartstrings and the sound of past revolutions set the rhythm to my journey. In time I fought Poseidon’s trembles,  befriended Ulysses’ lovers and made it just in time to whiteness the new world breath As I disembarked I quickly realized the promised land of riches gold and glory was now a watered down children’s tale A sonnet still clinging to a sinners remorse. You see my brethren I set foot on a land of monsters and deities amung which the rest of us ponder on whose rule to follow. A land where greed carved its initials into every mans gaze and whispered its agenda into the north wind But in this land, I collected every drop of my sea legs and I walked, in my travels I’ve come across giants, demons and anansi’s bloodline And out of convenience or sheer interest our paths converged. So if they ask how my journey went, if they gave in to baron’s words and ask how I am, tell them with both feet planted firmly to the ground. I am here and as far as the traveler goes, if they wonder if my sails caught fire, if they wonder if Poseidon laid claim to it my ship, tell them with both feet planted firmly to the ground Tim Tim! Bwa sèch.

Written by Raphael Mevs

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