Purple, Yellow and White Light

In a village of un-visited creek sides and plantations

That once carried the bones and skins of my ancestors,

I emerged out of its brown soil with stars and wings on my back

To continue writing on the carvings that they left for me.

My feet appeared to recognize the diameters where,

Each household was located, and songs were danced to.

In the depth of my womb,

The birth of what once was real and physical

Made itself known and imagined.

Tears dropped themselves out of my glowing eyes,

And languages once said to be myths emerged out of my throat.

With arms wide open and chest uplifted,

The wind moved towards me in wavelike motions and

Whispered a story in my ears for solely mine to hear and everyone else to see.

In slow motion,

With my head and upper body moving left to right in soft edges

I closed and crossed my arms until they touched my chest,

Until my fingers held tightly my upper arms.

We, as anatomy made love to each other in this position until

The moon shined on my hair.

Upon its arrival,

I walked barefoot for seven miles towards the nearest mountain.

During my route,

Flower buds sang melodies to my bloodline

And fed me water when thirst arose.

My lips thanked them with a kiss that warms the presence of soil in all its shapes,

Travels down rooted seeds and onto the nearest river.

They all followed my route as guided companions for the journey ahead.

When the nearest mountain met my sight,

Crickets caressed my ribcage with a rhythm of a thousand years.

I sat down on the untraced road,

Inside of a circle that seems to have waited for my entry.

I sat there before my two feet head upward.

With my legs crossed and eyes closed,

Silence filled my womb with a small purple, yellow and white light.

With each breath exhaled,

It kept growing and warming my uterus.

With each breath exhaled,

This unforeseen light traveled upwards until

It held hands around my beating heart.

Raindrops from stardust fell on my toes,

And poured themselves inside of each pore on my skin,

For an eruption that made me scream and release what

Has been enchaining my stomach.

It knew even when I did not want to admit.

I exhaled and held tightly the ground in which I sat on.

My wings whispered a story to my ears,

Of letting go of control and keeping trust going.

Of allowing this journey to show me what the light can reenact.

I stood up and walked on the mountain,

Allowing my instinct to trace its destiny.

Flower buds fed me and sweat made me feel ten times more alive.

When arriving at the peak,

I exhaled and allowed my whole self to hug the ground.

It hugged me back.

I felt the crust of the soil speak of warmth to my heartbeat.

I then stood up,

Widening my arms for what lives on.

With my eyes closed,

The purple, yellow and white light traveled within each fiber

Of my existence in slow motion.

With each breath exhaled,

It kept going deeper into my muscles and bones.

I felt hugged ten times more by the companions that followed my route.

Sparkles of light emerged out of my pores,

And others out of my lips to deepen themselves underground.

On the mountain.

Some of it immersed themselves with the wind.

Others followed the waves of the ocean,

While more went far beyond that journey.

It was now 6 AM.

The first ray of sunshine appeared.

I opened my eyes after exhaling three times.

Written by Nagiarry

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