Introducing Healing by Stephanie Voyard

Healing is an ugly ass process

It is not composed of only the before and after

It's filled with blood sweat and tears

Falling back into old habits is my only fear

You see, this is not some 90 day trial you can sign up for

The end results are never truly the end

This is a lifelong commitment to battle and war

It’s a metamorphosis at the core,

A hallway where portraits of your facades collapse,

And the chaos often screams “relapse!

Its a race between agony, and will

Between trauma and self- love

And well, you’re running barefoot on the broken glass of your heart

It’s tearing your skin open,

Bleeding reminders of how you’re ill

Day 89, and you’re raging for a refund,

Your heart, head and body ache

Asking the universe for mercy “Where's that healing, for god's sake?”

I’ve tried every cheat sheet to this shit

But my mind won’t stop talking to me,

She just doesn’t quit

I hear her mouth day and night

Whispering sweet nothings of failure and my lack of will to fight

So I shut her up with food

Every. Single. Time.

I have no control over my life, but with this I have some power

You should see the way she cringes

I reduce her to nothing by threatening her life with my frequent binges so give yourself time, energy, and space let go of all those toxic around you feel free to say “fuck you” to anyone you hate speak your mind and don’t hold back learn that healing is an ugly ass process there will be times where you crack and remember in all that darkness and rain that you are unapologetic in your flaws you are understanding how to be a better you and that you, my love, are not a lost cause.

Written by Stephanie Voyard

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