Intimacy by Devonne

You wanna get intimate with me? Share me your playlist. Recommend me your favorite parts of your soul. I promise to entertain even the most outlandish of selections Marilyn Manson to Harry Connick Jr. I want know whose vocal chords play runway to your flight of emotion. What bassist strikes light on the reproachable corners of your heartbreak.

Share me your playlist. Recommend me your favorite part(s) of childhood. What guilty pleasures you keep in your library hoping you stumble upon it when you shuffle

Your logic comes from lyricists I pray to meet. Your Daddy didn’t teach you to respect women, but “Brown Skin Lady” did. Tell me how Kweli and Mos Def became your favorite professors educating you on Polar Bear colored aggressors while getting you lit. Put on exhibit your unpopular opinions. I’ll revel in your “hip-hop is dead!” rants, dance to your bachata in sweatpants. Share me your playlist.

Slide your prescriptions my way ‘cause I need medicine too. I need to cleanse my soul in the waters of what ever it is you’re streaming. Tidal? Admit me to your ocean of estranged spirits spitting your truth as if they lived it with you.

Share me your prescriptions. Tell me if Sia salvaged your soul when the pious you couldn’t. Tell me if YG’s “FDT” got you through the masquerade of 2017. Show me how you breathe through music. Show me how you be, how you lose it. Through excitement through woe. When all you wanna do is blow vapor flavored with your worries exhale your stress, expunge your struggles in a dark room only a silhouette of your face faded delineation of your spirit. Turn up your indifference as waitresses fill up your cup with bubbles

Tell me who gets you there? Whose melodies? Whose riffs? Whose whistles? Who tips the scales of Zen in your favor when chaos has left you mid-demolition? I want to know you.

Share me your music, bare me your soul and I’ll show you who are.

That is intimacy.

Written by Devonne

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