Illiteracy by Devonne

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

I relish the days when reading was my pastime. As of late my thoughts are too loud to enjoy the silence.

I used to find jubilee in the suspense of a well-positioned ellipses on the page now I dread the space from one word to the next. I fear it might not be short enough to beat the crippling thoughts catapulting themselves to the front of my tongue.

So I shut my mouth. Or else be shut down, sunken once again in a bed. In a room littered with past due library books mourning the loss of their reader. Judging me, my weakness.

But dear Literature, my own thoughts have amassed too large for me to process. So forgive me if I cannot reach out to absorb someone else’s.

I cannot hope to float in Kushner’s hyperbole when the exaggerative emotions that encompass my very being threatens to drown me.

How could you be so selfish as to think that I don’t miss you? How can you not see that every moment that passes my literacy is slipping between my teeth?

Please understand I didn’t choose this. I feel like I’m in the Labyrinth and Arachne is nowhere to be found.

Take the medicine. Take the medicine. Take the medicine.

Sometimes I feel like Stevie Wonder with his sight. A little lackluster. Suddenly the un-extraordinarily gifted. Observe how tones will have shifted when the fully functional keyboardist is awarded first place. He will no longer be championed the same.

So, herein lies my dilemma: If I grant you your wish old friend, if I apply their remedies and you go back to being on my bedside table…

If my unorthodox, my frenzy is quelled, where will my talents go? Who will love me without my pain? Would it matter if I sacrificed my story just to focus solely on your own?

Dear dear friend the longer I’m away the more aware I am of my emotional and intelligence quotients exchanging digits. One declining and the other climbing. In sacrificing time with you I limit the extent of my power.

Yes, Super Vocab may have to dress without a cape but she’ll do so loudly

surrounded or drowning in the ruckus of any other activity.

But I will risk illiteracy before I ever again face silence in my leisure.

Written by Devonne

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