I know Her

I know her

she hates that i know her so well

every inch of her speaks to me

but she hates it, i can tell,

she hates it real strongly.

she keeps me dimmed

she keeps me quiet

she says it's because

I always cause a riot,

I'm always raising hell.

she worries about what they'd say,

who would see, who would tell..

I never gave a damn,

not a fuck, not one inch.

I've always been about us,

about Her and myself.

but she's scared, so damn scared

of me handling us

that she keeps me shut

in her mind, locked up.

but i scream loudly sometimes,

very very loudly in her mind

because she hurts us so often

because, to me, she doesn't listen!

she lets different men and women

in… and they always break everything!

we built this wall you prick!

I and You! brick by brick!

why the fuck do you decide alone

who is allowed behind it?

she acts deaf but she hears

and here she goes again, feeling like shit..

let me out Leï

let me out to play

let me out for our own sake

i can help you, you know this

I know You, i know us!

let me out Leï! let me fuck shit up!

let them know who Alexis is,

let them know what's really up!!

by Leila Lherisson