Flè deyò by Valencia Clement

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

A quiet has settled over the house

& still

I hear you slamming doors

I hear “shut the fuck up” as I walk into my bedroom

I feel your hands on my body knocking me down

I feel my fingernails scratching into your skin

I taste the kiss you robbed from me when you walked out the door

I fucking hate you and I fucking love you.

I just want to feel safe so you need to leave

Even though you’re gone

and a quiet has settled in the house…

you’re still here

You’ve found your way in my head

and you are the star

of the nightmares that flash behind

my eyes during the day

your “love” plays on repeat

I’m in an abusive relationship

and there are roses outside my door

I’m in an abusive relationship

and you say you’ll be back every Wednesday ‘til I take you back

I’m in an abusive relationship

and you don’t even know you’re my abuser

I’m in an abusive relationship

and I don’t know what worse

you or the world

Written by Valencia Clement

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