Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts?

In the end, it will be me and my Words. My Brain will be buried with me.

There is nothing more final than a Thought.

When I’ve made love to every corner of my Loves, my Languages, I will rest.

I welcome Death

For in it I’ll be reminiscent of the melody of Mon Coeur

In the sinful spice of “Salacious” on my Tongue.

In the superpower of transcribing Thought to Page.

And being able to experience Experience all over again.

In the end, it will be me and my Thoughts. My Notebooks will envy my Mental

Neville Longbottom will perforate my think space as I collaborate

With my Brain to craft a reality

That maintains fantasy

Books are in my blood. Writing is more than me—in my DNA exponent 3.

Watch as my Lower Register cashes new lengths.

Feel when my Wit spans across new widths.

And don’t try to hit my phone “new QUEEN, who dis?”

Love my Confidence, as it flies to new heights.

Love how my Cadence commands a room

Tone graced by moonlight. Monsoon

Melanin glows gold in the Sunlight

ooh I love how Black Boys Look Blue in the moon’s light


You are my favorite song

Turn up the Volume,

Penetrate my mind.

Your sponge am I

Leave me to soak in Your Flood. Language

I love you.

In the end, it’ll be just me and my Thoughts.

Written by Devonne