Beauty. Magic. Royalty.

Say Black Boy, what do you like about Black Girls?

He says he likes to see them walk, hear them talk, and be an all around BOSS.

Black Beauty expands over every waistline, Hair type, every pair of eyes is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope dream Black Strength envelopes your heart on parts where those scars from whips and chains broke wind. Your skin is encased in fortified melanin As you stride and sashay to break boundaries and efface ways Of fanatics who say “You can’t dance ballet! For your African flat feet will not allow you to leap” Remind them their favorite ballerina’s name is Misty Copeland.

Say Black Boy, what do you love about Black Women? The crowns they wear. Their heads are endowed with corks and coils more versatile than a chameleon gone wild. I adore the standards to which they hold themselves In a fashion that fastens their minds with determination, Resilience because a Black Woman isn’t a Black Woman unless she’s heard “No” a million times and proceeds to progress.

—But Poet enough with the bias— Say Black Girl, aren’t these Black Boys ROCKIN’?

The way they jook and jive Smiles a mile long three suns bright.

Say Black Girl, what do you love about Black Men?

The array of shades, leadership, protection The way a black man gazes when you give him a mental erection Black Boy Joy you know what I mean! The multifaceted loving intricate human beings Black Beauty shakes the earth at its core.

The aura of confidence rains

Luminescent rays of assurance on the dreams of mini queens and kings

Exotic monarchs who will rule their worlds

Every facet of their light will roll over the earth and that is Black Beauty.

That is Black Magic.

Written by Devonne