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"What if we could ace black girl magic on our own terms?"

Mendiana Carmelle Merilus commonly known as Mendi, is a 20 year old student attending Florida International University, majoring in international relations and minoring in economics on a pre-law track. Mendiana would describe herself as a woman with the audacity to dream and go after the impossible to make it possible.
When she started writing poems, something about them caught people’s attention. She then recently created her own blog to promote self growth; there she describes a series of events inspiring her to write about things a lot of us encounter on a daily basis. Mendiana is known by her friends to be the fixer, the outspoken one, the strong friend and an assertive alpha woman with attorney-like tendencies embellished by key words to win and fix anything she sets her mind to fix. She’s known to go through lengths to advocate for people (specifically immigrants) being taken advantage of because of the language barrier and the culture shock.

She hopes one day to create a FASFA- like program to support Haitian kids going to college abroad, and work in the International sector to put Haiti on the map when it comes to immigration benefits (with things such as the power of our passport). To do so, she wants to attend Georgetown University law center, pursue a Jurist Doctor degree and eventually run for office to introduce an immigration reform bill that would be fair for everyone.
Fluent in 4 languages which are Haitian Creole , French , English and Spanish, she spends her free time translating and volunteering  to help immigrants without the means to afford a translator and seek legal help so they could fight their cases.
Her wildest dream is to see Haiti become a better and safer country so the diaspora could eventually move back and soak all the good things Haiti has to offer.