Her name is Leila.
She was born in Haiti, from Haitian parents, the year 1991 in September. She is the eldest of 4 children, two of which are from her father’s second union. 
She began singing along to her mother’s lullabies even before uttering her first word, and that was a tell-all sign that music would matter most in her life. She grew up problematic, figuring out the ins and outs of Haitian society and trying desperately to fit in, until her 21st year on earth, when she made peace with two facts, the first being that she couldn’t and the second, that she didn’t want to.

She identifies as a Bi-sexual woman, although there are still spectrums of her sexuality she has yet to uncover. She identifies as a BLACK woman in a world where her skin tone and her racially ambiguous traits have had her in doubt before. She identifies as a Feminist, a Sex Enthusiast, a Polyamorous, a Singer, a Writer, an Artist, but most importantly as a Haitian Woman fighting against Classicism, Colorism, Capitalism, Materialism, Social constructs (certain) and Machismo.

She loves the colors Blue and Black, loves to dance by HERSELF, bares tattoos, suffers from mental illness and battles them on the daily, tries to live by one rule and that is Living Without Malice, usually minds her business but will voice her discomfort/disgust at anything said to her/ in her presence, even in silence, because her face is VERY expressive, CANNOT stay still doing nothing, she HAS to be working, creating, writing, singing, walking… anything to keep herself active.She has a hard time shutting up, is active on some social media as one very expressive woman and is known in real life as being a talker.She compliments more than she criticizes, and when she does she tries to differ her TASTE from constructive criticism.

She tries to complain a little less nowadays but... she’s only (partly) human so she is allowed a certain margin of failure.She has lied, has cheated, has manipulated and has learned that life is too short for these negative sets of emotions. It has taken a lot for her to accept herself as the perfectly imperfect soul that she is and nowadays she presents herself as just that instead of trying too hard to convince the world of her “goodness”.She knows nothing in this world, in this lifetime will satisfy her more than Love, Music and Sex, and these three are her passion. She has adopted the artist name LilBirdLeii and has been performing and releasing music for about 6 years now (round about). Her first solo EP is out now on Soundcloud.