Kiarrah is a Youtuber whose channel is focused on beauty, lifestyle and entertainment.


For as long as she could remember, she’s always had the drive to help people to the best of her ability, even when it came to the little things.


Growing up, she dreamed of being a role model to young girls such as herself, though she never knew how to go about chasing that dream. She is also very passionate about children; Kiarrah has always known that she wanted to open up her own school.


I not only want to open up a school but I plan on bringing hope for a better and brighter future to children and parents in different communities all over the provinces of Haiti. I want to do so by creating organizations that provide education, empowerment programs to help kids build teamwork, leadership, and confidence to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow

At the young age of 12, she began to receive a lot of attention on social media, and built a considerable following. It always seemed interesting that young Haitian girls had a lot of questions about how she achieved this recognition, since she herself did not realize how big of an influence she had become by simply posting aesthetically pleasing pictures of herself and responding to questions on the then booming site that was Ask. fm.

Living within a society that struggles to give credit where it’s due, it was hard for Kiarrah to figure out what path she wanted to take with her platform, especially when so much judgement and poignant opinions surrounded her. With waves of love, came ones of hate as well. However, she never let that become an obstacle.

About a year ago,  she got into make-up by watching famous Youtubers like Aaliyah Jay achieve their perfect makeup looks.

Being a girlie girl, I always played around with makeup, wore lipstick & lipgloss, slapped some Iman powder on my face before I left the house, and always made sure my eyebrows were done even though it was clear they were crying for help. I made a list of all the makeup I knew I’d need if my goal was to be just like the girls on the Youtube videos I’d binge watch on a daily.”

Thankfully, her mother decided to invest in her newfound love for makeup, jumpstarting her debut with Youtube.

Being a perfectionist had always delayed her plan to start becoming a youtuber. Within the last year, she continuously plotted, planned and practiced, all while putting off her debut video.

All my life I went around saying I had no talent, but always dreamed of making it big. This year, I seeked answers from God and he showed himself. It’s amazing how much can change when you focus on God’s plan for you and do the work!

Here she is a year later, able to successfully share her dream with the world. To Kiarrah, Make-up is art, and her face is the canvas.

My concealer the eraser, my palettes the paint and my favorite BS Cosmetics brushes are my paint brush. With Youtube as my platform, I plan on investing on whatever God given talent I’ve been blessed with. I hope that Youtube will help me build my legacy and reach as many people as I can through what I do as a hobby