Judeline Jeremie is a 25 year old Haitian visual artist and writer born in Jacmel who moved to Canada.

She speaks creole fluently, dabbles in English, and is currently learning Korean and mandarin on her own. She is a student at Ulayal (Quebec) and is majoring in International relations and languages (Japanese and English).


Judeline has always been fascinated with art; music, writing... Though she can’t draw, she is able to enjoy other's canvases.

She started playing the violin at the age of 5 and stopped at 10. She switch to learning thenflute until the end of high school. Currently, she is learning to play piano, and considers herself a novice, and photographer.

Jeremie was always good at writing,in fact, others used to pay her to write poetry for them. It wasn’t until her first semester in college, that she channeled that talent into writing her first story – which is soon to be her first book. Considering writing as the best way to express herself, every character of her story is a part of her, apart of who she likes to be.

When I read my own story, I want to feel the exact feeling I want my readers to feel. If I don't laugh, cry or be mad when I read my own story, I'll erase and start it again. That's why my blog is kinda empty. It can take me months to finish an article. But I'm always proud of the final result. And plus, I'm old, I have to write on a paper, correct and type out. Why? just because I always lose files. But I'm planning to be more active on my blog starting now. “