Isabelle Jean Louis is a 22 year-old visual artist, currently working towards her bachelor’s in architecture at Wentworth Institute of technology in Boston, MA.


Isabelle began drawing at a young age. At the age of 9, she played a lot with colors and paint. However, growing up, her love for color diminished, and today, most of her drawings, (to not say say all of them), are in black and white.

In 2016, she went to Middlesex Community College where she studied arts. That is when she realized that though she did not like working with colors, she refused to adopt a specific medium.

Jean-Louis defines her work as her own connection to self.

My art is my vision and hopefully it raises curiosity in the viewers. I am a believer that ‘the message has always trumped the medium’; whether it is through media, mural, sculpture... I want the viewers to connect with my pieces and appreciate the mysteries of life. Drawing is more than just a passion, I think it is the best way I express myself.”