My vision is to become a prominent public figure and use my connections to open a non-profit strictly performing arts institution. I would like to be one of the well-know figures to bring a proper voice and role model for Haitian children and people in general. We have so much to offer and it’s our time.


Devonne is an insanely prideful Haitian artist. She is an actress, poet, writer, and vocalist currently based in Newark, NJ.


Devonne has been performing for 12 years and her most recent projects include performing at the Newark WAM (Wellness Arts and Music) MeshFest, opening for Wyclef Jean at the Seahawk Festival, landing a role in the movie Moonlight, and being two-time 1st place collegiate poetry slam champion.  

Though her mother and grandmother passed a few years ago, leaving her to live an important portion of her life without them, they are the reason she perseveres, and who she owes her talent and success to.