Dominique Dazilme was born to two Haitian parents in Philadelphia, PA. Both parents came to the US as teenagers. She was raised in Philadelphia until the age of four, and then her immediate family moved to southern New Jersey, where she was raised into adulthood.

Dominique has learned to cope with family conflict, bipolar type 1 disorder, generalized anxiety, and PTSD through professional help but more importantly, through dance and music. She taught herself how to DJ when she was nineteen, and started voguing and entered the ballroom scene that same year. Her DJ name is Foxy Brown and her vogue name is Primadonna. She mainly participates in the kiki scene and she is currently in the house of Juicy Couture.

They attended Camden County College during their senior year of high school, went on to attend Rutgers University New Brunswick that next fall, but had to drop out due to financial, mental, and familial issues. Through it all they managed to manifest their return to that school after a one and a half year gap.


She aspires to work in the tech industry while dancing professionally, being a known legend in the ballroom scene, and DJing professionally.