We are dedicated to creating safe spaces and support groups for all Haitian people. Here are some ways you can connect with other like-minded Haitian people. 

Groupchat on WhatsApp where Haitian women from across the globe support each other during the semester

Groupchat on WhatsApp for those of us who cannot always find sleep, therapy or the means to release what is keeping us up at night. Vent, say your piece, no questions asked. 

We're dedicated to creating new bonds in community, as we believe that Unity Is Strength. So if you have any ideas, or if you feel you do not fit well enough anywhere, you are welcomed to contact us and propose a resolution. 

Poemes Ambulants is a Poetry Groupchat on WhatsApp specifically for the Haitian youth. Each designated period there is a theme given, and the only rule is "a poem a day"

The Poems may be submitted in any language applicable to the Haitian Diaspora. 

Discussion is a groupchat where we share ressources (Books, PDF's articles) pertaining to a certain subject that we then discuss, and base a conversation around. It is also a groupchat available for feedback about UBU Magazine 

In that sense, it is all up to your needs and questions.