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At the grand age of 25, AlCol sees himself as a DJ/Producer.

Passionate about audio manipulation and sampling, he made a remarkable entry on the Haitian market in 2014 in collaboration with  another Haitian DJ and producer, releasing the single "Konyen Nòmal", a tribute to the famous singer Sweet Micky.

On top of his work as a Rapper/DJ/Producer/Remixer, he created a unique subgenre of music, based on the fusion of Moombahton and our national Haitian Konpa, baptised MoombahKonpa.

In 2016, he released his first #MoombahKonpa single intitled “Map Byen Pase”, a single enjoyed by the public at a national and international level, still valid in the entertainment scene today.

By the quality and the notoriety of his work and his “ #SaBonWi “ slogan, AlCol cannot be seen as a stranger on the Haitian music scene. The artist is constantly animated by the same passion and the same interest in all his works.

His musical initiative Kola15, a series of DJ mixes, is available on SoundCloud.